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Six Row Brewing Co – Second Chances

January 11, 2011

About 4 or 5 months ago, I visited this brewery for the first time and found it occupied by two bartenders and one patron.  It was not exactly the kind of night-life we were seeking at 10pm on a Friday night after a Blues game.  I checked the menu just in case it would entice me to stay, but once I noticed its limitations, we immediately turned around, leaving disappointed.

Over the weekend, I decided to give the Six Row Brewing Co another whirl before heading to a 30th birthday party.  Mostly because I had a Groupon that was about to expire, but also because I believe in second chances.  This time we found only 2 or 3 tables open and a very attentive and friendly staff. The bartender immediately told us to sit where we like and within 1 minute we had water and menus at our table.  For a place that was 90% full, we had their attention.

The menu has grown considerably since my first visit.  It mostly consists of appetizers and sandwiches with a few soups and salads.  Our group ordered several items off the menu, but the highlight was the beer!  I am not a beer connoisseur by any means, but I continued to sip on the smooth, sweet, easy-to-drink Honey Weizen, which paired nicely the appetizer – pretzels that I generously dipped into the beer cheese sauce that accompanied them.  For dinner I ordered the Caprese Panini.  This sandwich included fresh mozzarella and basil with slices of roma tomatoes, a great addition to the meal.  I snuck a few of my husbands buffalo chicken nachos to double-check they were up to par with the rest of the food, and I was surprised that the chicken was so tender and tangy. For bar food this place is pretty good.
Between the free parking and cozy, laid back atmosphere, Six Row Brewing Company would be a great place to watch a game, but something is definitely missing in terms of night life. The decor is slightly bland, and there are no bar games (darts, shuffleboard, etc..), but they definitely make up for it by brewing a great Honey Weizen.

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