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The Upper Crust Bakery

March 18, 2011
The Upper Crust Bakery, Austin, TX, bakery

Located in the Rosedale neighborhood of Austin, on the corner of 45th and Burnet.

There are a two things I look for in a good coffee shop (besides good coffee): (1) locally owned and (2) a unique, comfortable and quaint atmosphere.

Locally Owned: √

Upper Crust is a family operated business that has been around for the past 15 years. Winning awards since 1991, it shows that this family puts a lot of love into their business.  You might guess that one of these awards is for Best Cinnamon Roll–it’s hard to miss the giant rolls of deliciousness as soon as you walk up to the counter.

The Upper Crust Bakery, Austin, TX, Burnet Rd

Atmosphere: √√ (double check!)

The interior is quaint, but very spacious at the same time. The bakery counter display is beautifully stocked with croissants, scones, danishes, muffins, and other pastries. The decor is on the rustic, country side with baskets of bread along the back wall, wooden tables for seating, and barn pendant hanging lamps throughout.

I love visiting Upper Crust just to sit in the covered patio area (photo on left). The outdoor area is cute, relaxing, and just plain perfect for enjoying a cup of joe, a cinnamon roll, and a magnificently mild Austin morning.

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