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Bombay Express

April 16, 2011

Indian food is a little piece of heaven for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free eaters, and health food junkies. Who am I kidding?  It’s heaven for any type of eater! Indian food is about flavor, spice, warmth, tradition, and comfort.

Ever since my lovely friend at work told me about Bombay Express, I have been eyeing the menu and yelp reviews on a daily basis. I almost had to check it out myself before our planned lunch date, but I restrained myself. The wait just made the food taste that much better when Tuesday finally came around! So much so that I took my boyfriend back the following Sunday.

Atmosphere:  Let’s be honest, Bombay Express is no showy establishment. It is located north of town on I-35, nestled in a little strip mall. The interior is very basic, spacious and clean. My only real complaint is about the utensils and plates; I prefer substantial dinnerware and cutlery over paper and plastic. However, for a fast casual setting, plastic does the job.

Food:  What Bombay Express lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in flavor. Since the menu is mostly chaat (small savory plates, typically served as street food), you can order a tasting of a few different dishes. If the menu has you feeling overwhelmed, just order a lunch or dinner special and you will still get a plate full of variety.

The curry is authentic and spicy. The lentils, potatoes, and chick peas are well seasoned. The dosa and idli (rice and lentil crepes/dumplings) are filling. The sauces are what make Indian food so yummy–curry, coconut chutney, yogurt sauce, and lentil broth are to idli what gravy is to mashed potatoes.

Service:  The service is fast. Customers order at the counter and receive a number.  A server will bring food to your table within minutes. If you have questions about the menu, don’t be afraid to ask–they are happy to explain.

Price:  Cheap! I can eat lunch at Bombay Express for under $5 and be full for the rest of the day!

Overall: 4/5  This place is perfect for satisfying that monthly (or weekly or daily) Indian food craving.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable for a casual lunch.

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