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South Congress Trailer Park

May 21, 2011

Hey Cupcake, in South Congress Trailer Park, Austin, TX.

When friends come to visit from out of town, I take them to trailer parks. These eateries give you a true Austin experience. To me, food truck/trailer adventures are more exciting than going out to expensive, fine dining restaurants. They have something to prove: The food must be interesting enough to wow the taste buds and the experience must be memorable enough to keep people coming back for more.

Food: The South Congress Trailer Park is probably the most well known, however, there are others (East Side Drive-In is probably my fave). The Mighty Cone, Hey Cupcake, The Frigid Frog are three that hang out on South Congress.

The Mighty Cone

The Mighty Cone, South Congress Trailer Park, Austin, TX.

Must Try: Crunchy Avocado Cone.  This eatery’s name might make you think ice cream cone, however, it is not ice cream they are serving. These are savory meals served in a tortilla cone!

Perk: The picnic tables at The Mighty Cone allow you to set your cone down in one of the cone “holes”– Genius!

Hey Cupcake

Must Try: Red Velvet or Sweetberry (featured picture above)

Perk: This retro-looking airstream is very picture-worthy (see picture at bottom of post)

The Frigid Frog

Frigid Frog Snow Cone, South Congress Trailer Park, Austin, TX

Must Try: Cake Batter flavored shaved Ice over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  This creation is called a Dipped Delight on the menu. Best idea ever!

Perk:  You won’t find another shaved ice place that offers more flavors (~100), cream/ice cream additions, dill pickles (check out the Dilly Surprise), and fun sizes (tadpole, pollywog, frog, toad, and bullfrog).

Trailer Trash at South Congress Trailer Park, Austin, TX

Atmosphere: The trailer park provides customers with funky community tables, outdoor lighting, occasional live music, a great location (shopping, etc. all around/within walking distance), and smile-invoking trash bins (trailer trash!).

Price: You won’t break the bank here: $5-6 for lunch at The Mighty Cone and $2-3 for dessert at The Frigid Frog or Hey Cupcake.

Overall Experience: You be the judge! (you can’t tell me this place doesn’t look fun!)

air-stream trailer, South Congress Trailer Park, Hey Cupcake!, Austin , TX

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  1. May 21, 2011 12:17 pm

    I loved my red velvet cupcake and was both fascinated and entertained by the table we sat at with its shellacked news articles and random clippings. I aspire to one day shellack a table with all the random pictures and clippings I deem interesting. 🙂

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