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The Chocolate Bar

August 9, 2011

So, the Food Network is on at my house quite a bit, and one of the shows that I have been recently inspired by is called “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”.  On the show, Top Chefs from the Food Network talk about their favorite dishes.  Each episode they will talk about a different type of food.  One episode may be about southern dishes, then the next week they will discuss dessert or even pizza.  I always thought what a challenge this would be! There are so many amazing foods out there, how can they pick just one.  I mean, think about it, only ONE favorite dessert?  Only one thing came to mind – something that I would say is “the best thing I ever ate”.

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, one of St. Louis’s most unique dessert bars, is where I like to go when I crave a brownie.  I have been here more than a dozen times in the last few years, and every time I go, I try to get something different, but my heart and my stomach continue to yearn for the Bailey’s Chocolate Brownie.  A thick fudgy brownie with a nice crisp outter crust that you have to take a firm jab at with a spoon, and it is all topped off with cinnamon ice cream and drissle of carmel sauce.  It is the BEST BROWNIE I ever ate!

Although the Chocolate Bar is known for desserts and cocktails, they also have an extensive beer and wine list, cheese, and a variety of salads, sandwiches and pizzas.  The ambiance is fantastic – relaxed, dark and cozie. It is a great first date spot or a great place to bring out-of-towners. My only complant is that it can get a bit loud, especially if it is a busy night, which it usually is. I love to go when the weather is nice and sit in their outdoor courtyard.  And while you are there, try their Stout Beer Shake, it is one of the most satisfying combinations of  cinnamon ice cream and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

Lafayette Square
1915 Park Avenue
St. Louis, Mo 63194
(314) 241-8100


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