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Benton Park Cafe

September 17, 2011

Benton Park Cafe is usually packed on Sundays for brunch, but their amazing breakfast pizzas are well worth the wait! The one pictured above is packed with tomatoes, avocado, and spinach and smothered in a creamy cheese. But don’t worry meat lovers, they have something for you too.  Their chorizo sausage to delicious, not only on the pizza, but in the gravy that they smother over their biscuits. Others that have tagged along for brunch have raved about their loaded potatoes, which are piled high with toppings and very cheesy. Benton Park Cafe is also growing a reputation for the plethora of coffee drink options, soups, salads, and sandwiches they offer. They even have a few entrees for dinner.

I have been to Benton Park Cafe a half dozen times or so for breakfast, but at night the cafe transforms into a trendy bar & music scene. They have live music most nights and a liquor license that allows for creative alcoholic drinks, and on Friday and Saturday, Benton Park Cafe is open 24 hours. The decor at the cafe is fun, warm, and artsy. The patio is dog-friendly, really complements the casual, relaxing atmosphere. Check out the art hung on the walls or walk across the street for a famous Gus’s pretzel if you are waiting to be seated at the cafe, and don’t forget to order a breakfast pizza on at least one of your trips to Benton Park Cafe!

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