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One Year Anniversary: St. Louis’ Favorite Foodie Finds of 2011, Part 2

January 2, 2012
:  Our 1st year went by fast, as all things do when you enjoy want you love.  Too fast!  Earier this week, I started the beginning of our 2nd year by looking back and acknowledging my favorite foodie things of 2011.  Here’s the recap from earlier this week…  #5 Food Trucks & #4  Salt.
St. Louis:  Top 5  favorite foodie finds – 2011 (continued)
  • #3  Onesto Pizza & Trattoria – A south city gem tucked into my own neighborhood. Onesto is just a short walk from my home, which is fantastic, but there are so many other reasons that Onesto made the Top 5 Favorites of 2011.  It is a place that I want to bring all the out-of-towners, just to show them the greatness that St. Louis has to offer when it comes to the culinary scene. It has everything wonderful that I love in a restaurant – great drinks (house made sangria – ooh, the sangria), delicious food made from local ingredients, and a warm, casual ambiance. Onesto is located is in a very small, brick corner  building in the center of a quiet south-city neighborhood.  They have created a perfect outdoor patio area that is pleasant in the summer and transformed into a cosy space for the winter months with a fire pit, a tent, and outdoor heaters. I love walking down to Onesto and seeing the faces of the friendly wait-staff. Go on a Monday, when it is customer appreciation day and the sangria is significantly discounted; plus, you avoid the weekend crowd. Shortly after being seated, a plate of free garlic knots always appears on your table (a pleasant change of pace from the free bread and butter at most Italian restaurants). They’re addicting and so delicious, but save room; the best is yet to come! I have never had a bad dish at Onesto, but there are a few that really stand out: the quills pasta dish, any calzone, lasagna, and PIZZA. The pizza is a must! Onesto’s pizza is not only delicious, but the crust is a perfect consistency–crispy, but not so hard that it hurts the roof of your mouth. You actually want to eat every bite of the outer edge. To top it off, Onesto’s specialty pizzas, specifically the classic spinach pie, are unique and flavorful. Chef Vito Racanelli Jr. has done a great job focusing on using the freshest ingredients by supporting local farmers. He uses locally grown produce and hormone-free proteins and seafood, and you can literally taste the quality in all his dishes!
Keep following, tomorrow night I will post #2 on the Top 5 Favorites of 2011 (STL edition).


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